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They Stole My Jump Rope

But They Cannot Steal

My Voice

“I am appalled that the US is the only country in the world destroying its own small businesses. By simply defending my property rights, I was stripped of my constitutional right to a day in court and my business was destroyed. I am not alone, there are thousands of others this is happening to”

Use your voice and help me fight!

They can steal my jump rope, but they cannot steal my voice! After two years of telling my story, Congress is listening!

I cannot do this alone!

Help me and the thousands of other start-ups by advocating for the new bi-partisan legislation that would have given me a day in District Court. We all deserved a fair fight.

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Coming Soon

Stay tuned for Molly's signature "FIGHT" rope.

Who is Molly

Molly Metz, a former five-time world jump rope champion, has been involved in the sport of jump rope for over 40 years. Her various offerings to the sport range from competitor, coach, innovator, and Founder/Owner of JumpNrope manufacturing, and she has served on numerous jump rope boards both in the US and abroad. She was granted two patents on her innovative jump rope handle technology in 2012, which has aided in Guinness World Records being broken and has been infringed on by over 150+ companies. Her patents were canceled by the PTAB in 2021 after being challenged by her largest infringer.

Today Molly balances her time rebuilding her manufacturing business and traveling the world educating CrossFit Gyms conducting her unique jump rope re-wiring seminars. She is also advocating for patent reform by making visits to DC, educating them on the problems small inventors are facing when trying to enforce their property rights. She has visited over 600 different CrossFit Gyms across the world and conducted nearly 900 jump rope seminars. She uses her entire line of jump rope technology and line of jump ropes when educating athletes.

JumpNrope is a Jump Rope Manufacturing Company in Louisville, CO. She is proud of her USA MADE and USA sourced jump rope parts. All her ropes are hand made in Colorado and shipped worldwide. Molly and her husband also own a Gym in Louisville, CO. Molly has ranked in the top 500 fittest women in CrossFit in her age category for various years.

Let's connect

I have connected with hundreds of inventors over the years and listened to their devastating stories. I have become more knowledgeable in patent law than I ever thought I would be. I have a knack for bringing people together, so if you have a patent or a question about your invention, please contact me. I will try to help.